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Beth Hale - Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Palmist

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My journey into palmistry has been a long one. I am constantly amazed by the information the hands provide. Having read many hundreds of hands and ink prints the age of the digital camera brings a new dimension to my passion. I work intuitively with my guides allowing science and psychic to merge thus allowing me to impart knowledge,
love and direction with my readings.

All my readings are given with integrity and unconditional love.


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Palmistry Readings

Palmistry is one of the oldest sciences - it charts
the lines on your palms, the shape of your hands
and the prints of your fingertips.

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Reiki Teachings

Reiki translated means life force
energy. It is a simple transferring
of energy from one person to
another through the hands.
It is switched on with
thought and can be
used anywhere.

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