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Beth Hale - Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Palmist

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About Beth Hale

Beth Hale is not a shy person but feels inhibited when talking about herself, so she has asked me, a friend of 18 years, to write a short vignette for this page. Knowing that I have a healthy skepticism for some metaphysical pursuits, it was a brave thing for her to do.

Beth is intelligent, kind, gentle, understanding, patient and strong. She believes implicitly in her own intuition and ability to heal, and having witnessed and experienced both, so do I. Beth does not call herself strange names like 'Golden Eagle Feather' (thank goodness!) She is a realist, and her honesty and integrity are beyond question. You will sense this the moment you meet her.

With her feet planted firmly on the planet, Beth is a grandmother, a loving one, yet tough when it's needed. She recognizes that life can hurt sometimes, yet knows how to help when it does. She might point out circumstances which are adverse, still never judges. Her Reiki treatments are totally non-invasive - they are soothing, healing and they work.

Sunset in the Noosa HinterlandBeth utilises her intuitive gifts responsibly and treats each client individually. She has seen me through some trying times recently, and I thank her for her unswerving loyalty.

Her assurance of unconditional love should not be taken lightly - she means it. Put yourself in Beth's hands with absolute confidence.

Robyn Jones