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Beth Hale - Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Palmist

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Palmistry Readings

Hands come in many shapes and sizes,
and no two are ever alike.
Your hand is truly unique,
and your very own personal

Palmistry is one of the oldest sciences - it charts the lines on your palms the shape of your hands and the prints of your fingertips. No two hands are alike and for centuries they have been studied for signs of wellness, direction and career potential. The lines form between the ninth and eleventh weeks of gestation, and thus readings for children are always a great guide as to what they are capable of achieving.

The mounts of the hands are included in palmistry readings as well as the lines. Having read palms for many years - more years than some of you reading this will have lived - I am still finding palms fascinating and challenging.

After years of ink printing and personal readings I have entered the digital age. All I need to complete a reading are six close up prints, three of the left hand and three of the right hand.

Relax your hands, don't over stretch whilst taking the prints. (1) The palms, including the wrists. (2) The little finger side of the hand. (3) Close up print of the finger tips.

Babies and children's prints are my speciality.
Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for your reading.