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Beth Hale - Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Palmist

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Reiki Teachings

Reiki translated means life force Energy.

It is a simple transferring of energy from one person to another through the hands. It is switched on with thought and can be used anywhere - in bed, on the beach on the top of the highest mountain and even on public transport. Its simplicity makes Reiki accessible in a busy busy life style.

Reiki heals emotionally as well as physically. Reiki balances and harmonizes and is relaxing and releasing. Reiki energy can be used on babies and during pregnancy. It flows to animals, plants, medicines and food.

A Reiki treatment is non-invasive, involving the use of a gentle therapeutic touch whilst fully clothed; it takes you into a space that offers you the means to heal yourself.

Mt. Cooroora in the Noosa HinterlandI teach Reiki in a tranquil setting 25 minutes from Noosa in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Why not take time out to enjoy what Noosa has to offer and return home with the ability to heal your self and help others to self heal.

Reiki workshops level 1 and 2 are run separately in 1-2 day workshops. They involve attunement to the energy, traditional Reiki treatment. Chakra balance treatment and hands on practise in giving and receiving Reiki energy.

For more information, please contact me.